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Fraud and Internal Controls

Fraud Investigation is needed when a business has deficient internal controls and these deficiencies have been exploited resulting in damages to your business.

Fraud services include the detection and investigation of fraudulent activities.  This area of service is very broad and we limited our services to business related fraud.  Investigation requires expert understanding of business processes and experience and evidence gathering for use by attorneys, law enforcement and courts.  Each fraud engagement is unique to the fraudulent activity.  We do not provide expert testimony at deposition, trial or other hearings.

Prevention of fraudulent activities is typically achieved through the design, implementation and review of processes and procedures that provide reasonable assurance that all activities are being processed completely and accurately (Internal control).  The building blocks of strong internal control framework are found through the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission's (COSO) work.  COSO is the benchmark for public companies to meet their financial responsibly.  COSO's methodology can be cost effectively applied at your business.

Detection involves a situation where a stakeholder believes that fraud is occurring and desires to have procedures performed to detect the fraudulent activity.  Actions in this area generally involve a review of current internal controls, analytcal and inquiry procedures and testing of accounting records.

We have provided services in employee theft, corporate due diligence, shareholder disputes, corporate reporting, and family owned business disputes.  

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